Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Traditions of Christmas

Do you find lately the traditions of Christmas are getting forgotten about by the commercialism of the holiday?  I feel more and more each year we need to go back to our roots and keep things simple.  We get so caught up by the expectations and stress of being in multiple places at one time or having that perfect gift or even have the house perfectly decorated for guests.

Here are some great suggestions for scaling back this year and focusing on what really matters.

1.  Make a list of old traditions that you once enjoyed doing and do at least 2 of them this year.  Keep the list in safe keeping to add 2 new ones next year.
2.  Instead of stressing about what gifts to buy, donate your gift money to a local food bank or sponsor a family in need.  The inner joy and peace it will bring you will amaze you.
3.  Decorate only the main living space for the holidays.  Instead of stringing lights and garland throughout, put your focus on your family area.
4.  Think of a few people who are shut-in for the winter or do not have family locally and either stop by or give them a call.  They will be overjoyed by your thoughtfulness and the time you have taken to talk to them.
5.  Appreciate the little things.

As we kick off December, don't spend your time wanting Christmas to be done and over with.  Make it enjoyable and memorable by doing it your way.

Here are some great snapshots and links to classic designs or family traditions you can start up!  Enjoy!

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