Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Perfect Partnership

There are some designers that can marry the styles of traditional and contemporary seamlessly without even being able to determine which is more dominant. 

Rustic horizontal wide plank boards fill the focal wall around the fireplace.  By using a rectangular fireplace it emphasizes the width of the room and lends itself nicely to the overall vision.  The black slate fireplace complements well with the steel black staircase with linear shadows up the walls.  Stone pebbles on the opposing wall gives great contrast, texture and visual detail to the large room.  By using the two natural elements they expand the space while giving it a cozy, inviting lure.  Pops of color in the side tables, carpet or blankets can transition this space nicely for years to come.  Simply changing out the functional pieces allows you to invest in the architectural space while having fun with interchangeable items.

Loving this space!  5 stars!  What do you think?

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