Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February is obviously the month of love so instead of doing the usual feature on red, I'm in love with pink right now.  It is classic feminine!

Pink draperies soft hues of gray

Perfect mix of Pink and White

Bright & Cheerful Pink Door

Perfectly Pink Palette

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Timeless Design

Looking back over the stack of magazines I have accumulated over the many years of design, I find myself asking the consistent question, can design be timeless?  Can it?
I whole heartedly believe so.  It's the foundational pieces that we purchase that make something timeless and from there, we pick up on trends, statement pieces and bold colours.  When working with clients, my primary goal for the majority is to direct them to pieces that will work with them for many years.  If you are putting a great deal into a couch, rug, art or cabinets, you do not want to look at them in five years and ask yourself what were you thinking?

Here are my top 4 tips when considering timeless design.

1.  For large investment pieces, look for less is more.  Less ornate detailing, simple fabric choices and transparent glass.
2.  If looking for a pop of colour or graphics, look at framing bold wallpaper, graphic art or photography.
3.  White is classic.  I do not believe white will ever go out of style.
4.  Personality in a space is directed by the memories that are showcased there.  Add a few family heirlooms such as crates, vintage timekeepers, books and photography.  Keeping the rest simple will showcase those memories all the more.

Here are some images to showcase these fundamental tips to keep in mind.

Dining Space

Mix of old and new

Living Space