Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How inviting...

elev8 dezign   What is your front door saying about you?  Have you ever driven by your house and come back by and sat out front of your house and looked at your front door?  What color is it?  Is that a door you would want to go through?  What do you think is on the other side?  Finger painting, cookie baking, nap times and giggles? Cheerful conversations, morning newspaper readings in the sun, laptops clicking away and evenings by the fireplace?  Or perhaps it's scampering of dogs racing by, laughter on the couch and family recipes brewing on the stove.  Whatever your story on the inside, what is your story saying on the outside?  Next time you are driving through your neighborhood or walking into your condominium building, stop and revisit the stories that are being spoken from your front door.

What do you think these front doors are saying about the memories on the inside?

Traditional style transformed to contemporary with a touch of colour (via pinterest)

Clean and contemporary front door with a splash of pizazz!  Sarah Malone House

Bold Black Door in contrast to rustic shaker style house.  Spool 72 Home

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